Dog Warden Service

Stray Dogs The dog warden service is operated by Animal Warden Services.  Normal hours for weekdays are 8am until 6pm with collection of caught stray dogs until 9pm. Weekend cover for the collection of caught stray dogs is provided between 10am and midday each day. Emergency answer phone cover is provided outside these hours and messages will be checked daily and responded to as soon as possible.

There are also other organisations able to help. You can find someone local to you at

Animal Warden Services will provide cover from 10am to 12pm on bank holidays.

Stray Or Lost Dogs

Stray dogs can cause many problems including causing serious road accidents or biting a child, as well as being stressful for the owner of the lost dog.

Please click on the Animal Warden Services website link at the bottom of this page to 'report a lost or stray dog'

Animal Warden Services will pick up strays.  If a dog is picked up and it is wearing a collar and tag, and is micro chipped, it is easier to reunite with its owner. To report a lost or stray dog please contact Animal Warden Services.   An emergency service is available on weekdays between 6pm and 9pm for collection/delivery to kennels.  Should you receive the automated reply because the Dog Warden is unavailable, please leave a short message including your phone number and they will give you a call back as soon as they can.  For stray dogs that have been collected go to the Found Dogs page.

We will endeavour to reunite dog and owner as soon as possible.  However, if this cannot be achieved and the dog has to be kennelled, there will be a charge to cover the kennelling and any veterinary costs, as per  Icon for word Dog Warden Fees [13.77KB] . If the dog has been picked up more than once there will be higher charge.  Please be aware of changes to Dog Warden Fees from 1st April 2017 - Icon for word Dog Warden Fees 2017 - 18 [14.01KB]

If you believe your dog to have been stolen, please report this directly to the police.

Dog Fouling

Where dog fouling occurs on private property (such as the owners house) and they do not clean up the mess on a regular basis, this may constitute a statutory nuisance which can be investigated by the council.

Fouling is an ongoing problem which affects the cleanliness of the Breckland area, both on the streets and in the parks. Many pet owners dispose of their pet's waste responsibly, but unfortunately this is not done by all owners.

A person in charge of a dog must remove the faeces straight away if the dog has fouled in an area where the Icon for pdf Dog Fouling Act 1996 [43.85KB] applies. Otherwise they are breaking the law and could be fined up to £1000.

Dog Training Classes

For further information or to be added to the training list please contact Animal Warden Services. At the end of the course there will be the opportunity to take the Icon for pdf Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme Bronze Award [78.58KB] .

Each session will last approximately 45 minutes and will include:

  • Identification

  • Collar and lead training

  • Walking on Lead

  • Controlled walk amongst people and dogs

  • The stay command

  • Grooming

  • Examination of your dog

  • The return command

Dog Wardens that are in the surrounding areas

Icon for pdf Dog Wardens in surrounding areas [36.53KB]