If an odour is causing a serious nuisance (lasting more than 24 hours on a regular basis), Breckland Council may be able to investigate. For a problem to be a statutory nuisance, it must affect you within your home or garden and be unreasonable.

Please click on the related website at the bottom of this page to 'report a noise or nuisance problem'

Muck spreading

Although spreading is recognised as standard agricultural practice, and odour must be expected from time to time, spreading should always be undertaken in accordance with the DEFRA best practice guide.

Please contact the Environment Agency for more information on 0800 807060 or send an email.

We will not usually consider complaints unless the odour persists for at least 24 hours after spreading has been completed.

Pets and Farm Animals Nuisance

Animals kept in unhygienic conditions can cause a smell nuisance to neighbours. Dogs left alone to bark for long periods may be a noise nuisance to people living nearby. Anyone owning a pet has a duty to keep it in a way which does not interfere with neighbours' enjoyment of their properties.

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