Private Water Supplies

The rural nature of Breckland is reflected in the fact that significant numbers of dwellings are not connected to the mains water or indeed mains drainage. Breckland staff carry out sampling and risk assessment for private water supplies under the provisions set out in the Private Water Supplies Regulations 2009.

Shallow wells in particular, are vulnerable to pollution from a variety of sources including broken drainage systems, agricultural run-off and animal waste. Boreholes are generally less susceptible to this type of contamination owing to the protection afforded by their depth, but can suffer from high levels of elements such as iron and manganese.

The major water pollutants are chemical, biological or physical materials that reduce water quality. The impact of agricultural practices has also created pockets within the Breckland area where nitrate levels hover around the maximum amount allowed by regulations.

Icon for pdf Guidance for private water supply risk assessments [597.05KB]

For help and assistance in respect of a private water supply please contact the team:  Report an Environmental Health Issue

Or by telephone on: 01362 656 870 

For pollution of streams, lakes, underground water or the sea please contact the Environment Agency.

For water quality or supply issues, relating to mains water, please contact the Anglian Water 24 Hour Link Line on 08457 145145.

For more information on nitrate in your water please see this leaflet:  Icon for pdf Nitrates in your private water supply [294.35KB]