Our Budget, Financial Plan summaries, and strategies

Each year the Finance department prepares Breckland's Budget, the Medium Term plan, Fees and Charges, the Capital Strategy and the Treasury Management Policy and Strategy.

The documents set out our proposals for the Council's long term budget planning.

Financial Plan summaries

Summaries of the last three years financial plans (budgets) are listed below:


Budget and Medium Term Financial Plan

Our  Icon for pdf Budget and Medium Term Plan 2017-18 [588.98KB]  outlines how Breckland Council manages income received from central government, local residents, businesses and other sources.

It explains what we hope to deliver to our residents and includes issues such as our plans for helping setting the levels of Council Tax and how we plan to manage financial risks.

Capital Strategy

Our  Icon for pdf Capital Strategy 2017-18 [227.3KB]  explains how the Council plans to manage our capital assets and funds within the district to make sure our capital spending plans are well-managed and ensure local needs are met.