The Corporate Improvement & Performance Team manages the Council's corporate planning cycle, the policy framework and the Authority's Transformation Programme. The team monitors and reports on delivery of the key priorities identified within the Council's Corporate Plan 2015-19. Reporting of the delivery of the Corporate priorities can be found in the Quarterly Performance Reports to both the Cabinet Committee and the Overview & Scrutiny Committee. The equalities and diversity agenda for the council is also managed by the team communicating the Council's commitment to equalities through the Breckland Council's Comprehensive Equality Policy and Action Plan. We also have a responsibility to make public data openly available.



Strategies, Plans and Policies

Our vision is to ensure Breckland is a place where people and business can thrive.

Ward Information

Breckland district is divided up into 27 "wards", smaller community areas that are represented at the council by one or more specific councillors. We have prepared a summary of key information for every one of these wards in the district, which can be found below. They include a map of the ward, population, health and economic statistics, as well as the names and portraits of the councillors who represent the area for Breckland Council.

Equality and Diversity

The Council's vision under our Corporate Plan is that Breckland is a place of opportunity and ambition for all. The Council is fully committed to eliminating discrimination and actively promoting equality of opportunity for everybody who lives in, works in or visits Breckland.