Street Naming and Numbering

Breckland Council has a statutory duty to create and confirm an official address for each property and/or street within the district. The Council must record this information together with the properties accurate location on a map. This official address is sent to internal council departments, Royal Mail, certain statutory bodies and the Emergency Services.

It's not just the postman that relies on your official address. Online shopping, insurance organisations, utilities, delivery companies, satellite navigation and the Emergency Services all rely on and use your official address.

What are we responsible for?

  • creating new street names

  • creating your address, including property number and/or name, street name, locality and parish

  • Confirming your official address

  • renaming existing streets

  • changing property numbers and/or names

  • maintaining street name plates

We are not responsible for:

  • other roadside signs which are the responsibility of Norfolk County Council.
  • the postcode and postal town of your address, this is allocated by Royal Mail.
  • your address being unavailable on databases used by third parties such as Satellite Navigation & Internet map systems, retail outlets, internet sites, and delivery companies. We have no control over when they update their address lists.
  • letters and deliveries not being delivered to the correct address by Royal Mail or any other third party. We cannot be held liable for mail delivery problems caused by failure to inform us of property name changes

Chat to us First

It is very important that you consult with the Local Authority Street Naming & Numbering section regarding any new address or change of address.

If you do not register your property with us it will not be correctly registered and you may then have difficulties using internet services, receiving deliveries, obtaining utility services. More importantly the Emergency Services may have trouble finding you in an emergency situation

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