Housing Advice Form

It will take approximately 45 minutes to complete theHousing Advice form.

You will need to have the following information available or your application may be delayed:

  • National Insurance Number - this can be found on your payslip, tax returns or official letters about Tax, pensions or benefits
  • Details of all household members
  • Your last 5 years address history including date you moved out. This must be continuous, they must not be any gaps
  • Medical history (if applicable)
  • Financial details which includes budgeting, including wages and expenditure such as bills and debts

You will be asked to supply documentation to support your application

You will need to supply the following:

  • Eviction
    • Rented Property - Copy of your Notice to Quit (if applicable). This should be a Section 21 letter from your landlord or a formal letter from your family member
    • Mortgaged Property - Possession Order (if applicable) 
  • Property Information
    • Rented Property - Full tenancy agreement for current property - This is the whole agreement not just the first page
    • Mortgaged Property - Confirmation of property on the market and the selling price
  • Local Connection to Breckland district. This needs to be one of the following:
    • Proof of your last 3 years' residency within Breckland district. This can be utility bills or Council Tax letters
    • Your permanent contract of employment within Breckland district
    • Written permission from your immediate family member (parent or sibling) to check their Council Tax records to verify that they have resided in the Breckland district for the last 3 years. Alternatively your family member can sign up for ourCouncil Tax online services which will give them the ability to access an electronic copy of their bill
  • Financial Information
    • Three consecutive months most recent bank statements no older than 28 days for all accounts held (including saving accounts and ISAs). We will not accept screen shots
    • Full award letter of all benefits received
    • Rented Property - A recent rent statement or letter/email from your landlord confirming that you have no rent arrears
    • Mortgaged Property - A mortgage statement. If in arrears, provide the statements dating back to when arrears started
  • Proof of identity for all members of the family - Driving licence, EEA ID card or passport for anyone under 18 years a birth certificate
  • Medical Condition - We will require supporting evidence of this. e.g. - hospital letters, doctors letter or supporting agency letter

Please make sure you also upload the correct supporting evidence for your Housing situation (shown below). This is very important and will help the Housing team make an accurate assessment of your situation

Housing SituationEvidence to Upload
Landlord EvictionSection 21 Notice
Parental EvictionLetter/Email from parent stating they are evicting their child and reason why
Domestic ViolenceLetter/Email about your situation including any agencies/organisations involved and any police crime reference numbers
Property RepossessionRepossession notice/letter
Leaving Hospital/PrisonLetter/Email giving dates you were in hospital/prison and reason for stay
Relationship BreakdownLetter/Email detailing the situation and who holds tenancy or mortgage

Need help with uploading the documents ? Read ourIcon for pdf guidance [336.87KB]

Documents must be uploaded separately e.g. not tenancy agreement and bank statements as one single document. This would need to be 2 documents.

What happens next?

Once we receive your fully completed application including all of the uploaded required documents. Your application will be allocated to a Housing Options Officer who will then contact you by telephone within 7 working days or before you become homeless.

Last updated: 17/01/2019 16:04:31