16/04/19: The Lord Nelson Public House - Community Right to Bid

Community right to Bid- List of Assets of Community Value

Property:The Lord Nelson Public House, 1 Hale Road, Bradenham, Thetford, IP25 7RA

Proposal by owner to dispose of property with vacant possession

The above property is included on the Council's List of Assets of Community Value.  The owner of the property has notified the Council of their intention to dispose, with vacant possession, of their interest in the property. Their interest is the freehold interest

A moratorium now applies to the sale of the property to allow Community Interest Groups (as to which see the final paragraph below) to submit a bid for the property.  The following three time periods apply: 

  •             Initial moratorium period -  the initial moratorium period ends on 15th May 2019
  •             Full moratorium period  - the full moratorium period ends on 3rd October 2019
  •             Protected period - the protected period ends on 3rd October 2020

Any Community Interest Group wishing to be treated as a bidder for the property must notify the Council in writing at the address shown below no later than the end of the initial moratorium period.  The Council does not require any evidence of the Group's actual intention to bid for the property, nor any evidence that the Group has the necessary funds to make a bid.

The details of any Community Interest Group wishing to be treated as a bidder will be passed to the owner.  The owner will then be prevented from completing the sale of the property to any person, other than a Community Interest Group, for the full moratorium period.  This period enables Community Interest Groups to negotiate with the owner, and to raise the necessary funds to purchase the property for the benefit of the community.

If a sale to a Community Interest Group is not completed during the full moratorium period the owner is free to sell to any person, provided the sale completes with the protected period

If no Community Interest Groups wish to be treated as a bidder then the owner is free to sell the property to any person during the protected period.

For details of which organisations comprise Community Interest Groups please apply to the address below.

Date: 16th April

Email: community@breckland.gov.uk

Breckland Council Elizabeth House, Walpole Loke, Dereham, Norfolk NR19 1EE

Last updated: 24/07/2019 13:15:27