8 October - Tangram Theatre presents "The Origin of Species" - Harling Old School Village Hall

The Tangram Theatre presents John Hinton's 'The Origin of Species,' a musical comedy about Charles Darwin.

This is a joyful, exhilarating musical comedy about the scientist whose (r)evolutionary ideas would change humanity forever - and his real life race to finish fittest in the discovery of evolution. As he rushes headlong towards publication, he can't help but share his surprising family history, his rollicking adventures aboard the beagle, his unexpected foray into songwriting, and his bizarre obsession with barnacles!

'The Origin of Species' has been performed at leading international venues including the Royal Albert Hall and Natural History Museum, receiving critical acclaim and standing ovations across the world.

Location: Tuesday 8th October, 2pm-3.30pm at Harling Old School Village Hall

Tickets: £5 including refreshments. Reserving tickets is recommended by visiting  https://www.thesilversocial.com/events/2019/10/7/tangram-theatre-the-origin-of-species or by calling: 01362 656870.

Transport: If you need assistance to attend the event please call 01362 656870.

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