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Consultation on the Main Modifications to the Local Plan

Following the completion of the Examination Hearing Sessions, a schedule of Main Modifications to the Local Plan have been published for consultation. The Inspector considers these changes necessary in order for the Local Plan to be found 'sound'.

Representations (comments) are invited via the consultation portal (see the link above) on the proposed Modifications from Monday 18th February to 5pm Monday 1st April 2019.  

Please note that late representations cannot be taken into consideration by the Inspector or the Council.

A schedule of the Main Modifications and the Local Plan, and other supporting documents are available to view here.

In commenting on a proposed Main Modification you are asked to make representations on whether the Plan is (a) legally compliant and (b) sound.

Before making a representation we would advise that you read the following documents which provide advice/guidance on responding to this consultation, which is available here Icon for pdf Guidance Note and FAQs [349.95KB].

In addition to the proposed Main Modifications, the Council has identified minor amendments to improve the clarity of the Plan and consist of typographical and/or grammatical errors. Unlike the main modifications, they do not relate to the soundness of the plan and do not form part of this consultation. However, for the purpose of transparency the Council has published the Schedule of Minor Modifications for information purposes, and can be found here.

Hard copies of the documents can also be viewed at public libraries and offices in the district. For details of where you can view them, click here Icon for word Library and Office Locations [14.58KB]

PLEASE NOTE - There has been an amendment to the text of policy HOU 05. This addendum can be viewed here Icon for pdf Addendum to the Breckland Local Plan Examination Version (EX.125) Notification of error - An error with the text has been identified in the document: Breckland Local Plan Examination (EX.125). The text for Policy HOU 05 Policy HOU 05 - Small Villages and Hamlets Outside of Settlement Boundaries, page 50 [66.15KB]

Emerging Local Plan - NOW CLOSED

The Pre-submission Publication was live from 21st August to 2nd October 2017.

Please click the link for more information on theEmerging Local Plan.

HELAA Methodology Consultation - NOW CLOSED

Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessments (HELAAs) are key evidence documents which support the preparation of Local Plans. Their purpose is to establish how much suitable development land there is in an area and to test if this land could be developed. They help local planning authorities to understand the level of growth they can plan for and the areas where growth can be accommodated. These assessments are not policy documents and they do not determine if land should be allocated for development or if planning permission should be granted.

As part of the Duty to Co-operate it is proposed to use a consistent methodology for producing HELAAs across all of the planning authorities in Norfolk. As such The Norfolk HELAA methodology will apply to the following authorities:

  • Breckland Council
  • Broadland District Council
  • Broads Authority
  • Great Yarmouth Borough Council
  • Borough Council of King's Lynn and West Norfolk
  • North Norfolk District Council
  • Norwich City Council
  • South Norfolk Council

The Authorities are jointly consulting on the approach they intend to take to the preparation of their own HELAAs. The proposed methodology is considered to have been prepared in accordance with national guidance but proposes that HELAAs would use an alternative size threshold for sites in rural locations and would seek to capture all potentially suitable sites within the Broads Authority area, where development potential is significantly constrained.

North Norfolk District Council is hosting the consultation on behalf of all the Norfolk authorities and will be responsible for collating all responses. The consultation runs from Monday 21 March 2016 until Tuesday 3 May 2016.

To view and comment on the proposed HELAA methodology document and the response form please visit:


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