Tree Work Applications

Trees Subject to a Preservation Order

Many trees in Breckland are protected by a Preservation Order. These are trees of a high amenity value or which have a significant impact on the environment and have been identified by the council and protected by an order.

Once an order has been made, the consent of the council is required before a tree may be pruned or felled. In certain circumstances, it may be agreed that pruning or removal may be permitted in order to accommodate development, but the TPO enables the council to control these actions and to obtain new planting to replace trees which are removed.

Trees in Conservation Areas

Conservation Areas are parts of towns and villages that have been identified as being of special architectural or historic interest. The council aims to preserve or enhance the character of these areas.

Trees are included as part of the definition of character. Accordingly all trees with a trunk diameter of 75mm or greater measured 1.5m above the ground, carry the same protection and penalties that they would have if they were covered by a Tree Preservation Order.

If you wish to check if your tree is covered by a Tree Preservation Order or falls within a Conservation Area please access our public facing mapping system. This system can be accessed on the My Maps section ofMy Breckland

Applying for Works to Protected Trees

Should you wish to carry out work to any trees in a Conservation Area, you are required to give the Council six weeks notice of your intentions and the reasons for them. The Council reserves the six-week period in which to make a Tree Preservation Order if it wishes to retain the tree, or declare that it has no objections.

The quickest and easiest way to apply for works to protected trees/trees in a conservation area can be submitted on line via the planning portal. You may of course download copies of the form and guidance notes to submit in the post or via e-mail to:

Application Forms & Guidance Notes

For further general advice, the following websites may also be of interest:

Tree Work Applications Registered

All applications for Tree Works are available to view through our Application Search facility. Please follow this link toSearch Planning Applications

The search facilities will allow you to:-

  • view all related plans, documents and comments (Application Register)
  • look at determined applications

Can I Appeal a Council Decision on an Application for Tree Works?

Following an application to a local planning authority for consent to cut down or carry out work on a tree subject to an Order, an applicant can appeal to the Secretary of State. The various grounds on which an appeal may be made are set out in Regulation 19. These appeals are handled by the Planning Inspectorate on the Secretary of State's behalf.

If the local authority has not decided an application for consent within eight weeks from the day it is received, then the applicant may appeal on grounds of non-determination.

The authority may issue a decision more than eight weeks after it receives an application, but cannot decide the application once an appeal has been made and remains outstanding.

How can I make an appeal against a Local Authority Decision?

Regulations 19-23 of The Town and Country Planning (Tree Preservation) (England) Regulations 2012 set out the appeal procedures.

Applicants (or their agents) must make any appeal in writing by completing aTree Preservation Order Tree Works Appeal form. This form, together with a copy of the Decision Notice and any other documents that directly support the appeal, need to be submitted either by post or e-mail to the address shown below within 28 days of the date of the Council Decision Notice. The Planning Inspectorate publishes the appeal form and detailed guidance on the appeal process. Both are available on theGOV.UK website

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