Trees on Development Sites

Breckland Council wishes to retain existing trees on development sites, where those trees have been inspected and judged suitable for retention, in the interests of amenity.

However, development sites can be very hostile environments and to make sure that trees are not only retained until the completion of development, but are also sustained in a condition that gives them a useful life expectancy, they must be incorporated into sustainable designs and given adequate protection during the development period and adequate space to grow without or with minimal intervention.  This aim can rarely be achieved unless development operations are approached in a structured manner.

The links below give details of procedures that should be followed to achieve this.

Icon for pdf Sustaining Trees on Development Sites [19.96KB]

Icon for pdf When Is a Tree Survey Necessary & What Information Should be Recorded [63.85KB]

Icon for pdf Design and Construction of Tree Protective Fencing [172.92KB]


Last updated: 06/05/2020 13:21:46