How to make a search

What does a Search include?

The local search is in two parts:

LLC1 -is a search of the Local Land Charges Register and reveals any legal charges against the property being searched, for example:

  • whether a property is a listed building
  • is within a designated conservation area
  • whether there is a tree preservation order protecting trees on the property
  • if there are any planning restrictions on the property

CON 29 Part I-Enquiries of the Local Authority

CON 29 Part II - Optional Enquiries of the Local Authority.

The CON 29 is a standard form of enquiries, agreed between the Law Society and Local Government organisations. It reveals information obtained from departments within Breckland Council and Norfolk County Council, for example:

  • Planning
  • Building Control
  • Environmental Health
  • Highways.

Water and Drainage enquiries are answered by:

Geodesys Ltd
PO Box 485
PE29 6YB

Telephone 01480 323889 for their fees.

Information about Radon Gas, including an indicative version of Radon Affected Areas Map, is available on the Public Health England website

How do I submit a Search?

Searches can be submitted either by post, Document Exchange(DX) or electronically via National Land Information Service (NLIS). We aim to turn searches around within 10 working days but this target can be affected at busy times.

Breckland Council is connected to the National Land Information Service at Level 3 which means that search applications can be submitted electronically using one of the licensed NLIS channels, listed below. Searches can also be returned electronically via NLIS.

Fees for electronic searches - contact one of the NLIS providers below

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How much does a Search cost?

The current Standard Search Fee is £131.84 - additional enquiries are priced individually and can be found on theLand Charges fees page

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