Rodents, Insects & Other Pests

Breckland Council does not provide a pest control service.  We are unable to provide details or recommendations for any pest control companies but would recommend that you always try to get more than one quote.

You may wish to try the following resources for details of Pest Control companies

  • Norfolk County Councils Trusted Trader Scheme Trust a Trader .com

  • I Norfolk; a Norfolk business directory Norfolk Business Directory

  • Local Search 24, the Eastern Daily Press' trusted business directory


  • Type 'Pest Control Norfolk' into your favourite search engine

  • Ask friends and family for recommendations

  • Some firms advertise in local magazines and newsletters

Please note that Breckland Council is not responsible for the maintaining any of the resources mentioned above and can't be held liable if your chosen service provider doesn't perform as expected.

Although Breckland Council does not provide a pest control service, if you are affected within your property by large numbers of rats, mice or certain insects we may be able to help.

Please complete the following online form to 'report a noise or nuisance problem' report a noise or nuisance.


Large numbers of insects can become a statutory nuisance if the increased population interferes with the comfort and enjoyment of a persons home and occurs as a result of a commercial activity. Although Breckland Council may be able to consider action where the cause or source of the insects is from some industrial, trade or business premises, we are unable to take action if the source of the problem is a domestic property. Certain types of land are also excluded from the legislation and these exclusions include arable, grazing, meadow or pasture land (but not the structures placed on the land), ponds, rivers, woodlands, lakes, reed beds, some agricultural land, orchards and nurseries.

Certain types of premises are more likely to be a source of nuisance and these can include:

  • Poultry houses/farms (buildings on agricultural land are not exempt)

  • Sewage treatment works

  • Manure/silage storage areas

  • Animal housing

  • Stagnant ditches and drains

  • Landfill sites, refuse tips and waste transfer stations

If you would like us to investigate a statutory nuisance you can Report a Noise or Nuisance Problem and a member of the Environmental Protection Team will contact you to discuss the matter further. You can also read the full guidance document Statutory Nuisance from Insects and Artificial Light by DEFRA.

For more information on insects and rodents please see here: Icon for pdf Information and Advice on Insects [150.64KB]

For more information on bees please see here: Norfolk Bee Keepers