Cesspools, Septic Tanks & Sewage Treatment Plants

For information on cesspools and septic tanks please visit theGov.uk septic tanks page.

Breckland Council do not offer a service for emptying septic tanks or cesspools, but we may take action where these cause a statutory nuisance.

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Drains & Sewers

A drain is normally a pipe carrying off liquid waste from a single building. The maintenance and repair of private drains are the responsibility of the householder/landowner. 

A sewer is normally a large pipe, usually underground, that is used for carrying waste water and human waste away from more than one property - blockages or damage to private and public sewers should be reported to Anglian Water Services.

Overflows from drains, a cesspool or septic tank which cause a statutory nuisance can be investigated by Breckland Council. To report a problem please complete ouronline form or contact the council on 01362 656870.

For issues relating to drainage or sewers (publicly owned) contactAnglian Water.  For issues relating to Ditches and non-emergency flooding issues please contactNorfolk County Council Floods.

For issues relating to rainwater gullies, the responsible authority may either be the Highways Agency orAnglian Water (depending on where the problem lays).

On private land rainwater gullies are the responsibility of the owner or occupier.

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