Strategies, Plans and Policies

This section contains all the plans, policies and strategies within the council.

Our vision is to ensure Breckland is a place where people and business can thrive.

To support this we have four corporate priorities:-

  • Supporting Breckland to develop and thrive
  • Providing the right services, at the right time and in the right way
  • Developing the local economy to be vibrant with continued growth
  • Enabling stronger, more independent communities

What we will do to achieve these priorities are detailed in ourCorporate Plan

In addition to this plan we also have the following key strategies, plans and policies:-

Each year the Finance department prepares Breckland's Budget, the Medium Term plan, Fees and Charges, the Capital Strategy and the Treasury Management Policy and Strategy.

The documents set out our proposals for the Council's long term budget planning.

Budget Summaries

Budget and Medium Term Financial Plan

Capital Strategy

Vexatious Policy

Gender Pay Gap Statement


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