Food Poisoning and Infectious Diseases

The Food, Health and Safety team work with Public Health England to investigate and manage confirmed or potential cases or outbreaks of food poisoning and infectious diseases.

Symptoms can occur from 1 hour after eating to several weeks depending on the cause. The average is 6-36 hours.

If your Doctor has taken a faecal sample and food poisoning is confirmed you will be contacted by Breckland Council by letter or phone and either fill in a questionnaire or be interviewed (usually over the phone).

Once a food poisoning notification or complaint is received, we will contact the person with the symptoms and ask them questions regarding:

  • what and where they've eaten prior to their illness

  • details of their symptoms

  • whether they've been on holiday abroad

  • whether or not their GP has taken a faecal sample

  • whether anybody else they ate with also experienced any symptoms.

  • We may request that person to provide a faecal sample.

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