Caravan and camping sites

What are mobile homes?

Mobile homes include caravans, motor homes, park homes, cabins and tents and Breckland Council has responsibilities for ensuring standards on sites are set and maintained.


Once planning permission has been granted for a site the Housing Team will grant a licence for the site which will control the numbers of units, the spacing between them, the provision of infrastructure such as roads, lighting, and sanitation. Provision for fire safety is covered by Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service.

Standard licence conditions have been adopted for the different types of site use, (permanent residential, holiday, touring and single caravan).

Licenses for caravans, park homes etc are issued under the Caravan Sites and Control of Development Act 1960 whilst those for tent sites are issued under the Public Health Act 1936. There are no charges for site licenses other than for Relevant Protected Sites.

Sites will be regularly inspected to ensure that the conditions are being complied with.

Relevant Protected Sites

The Mobile Homes Act 2013 introduced a new class of sites. These sites are known as Relevant Protected Sites, (RPS). A RPS is a site with planning permission for use as a caravan site EXCEPT sites that are for holiday use only or where the period that the units can be occupied is restricted e.g. occupation is only allowed for 11 months a year.

The legislation allows for fees to be charged for issuing, transferring and amending a licence for these sites and also to charge for inspections and enforcement.

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