Contaminated Land Advice Note

Q1 Is contamination known or suspected? 

If submit the following requirements, otherwise proceed to Q2.

Type of developmentRequirement
New buildRequirement A
Site with previous agricultural useRequirement B

Sufficient information is required for any sites which have/or have had a use which may have given rise to contamination to enable the Council to decide whether the development can proceed safely.  Industrial/commercial land use should also be considered.

In addition, the past/present use of land in the vicinity of the proposed development site also needs to be considered, such as land with fuel storage (within close proximity) and filled land (e.g.landfills andformer quarries within 250 metres of the site) from which potential ground gas migration can occur.

The responsibility for securing a safe development rests with the developer and/or land owner. However local planning authorities should be satisfied that a proposed development will be appropriate for it's location and not pose an unacceptable risk.

Q2 Is the proposed use particularly vulnerable?

Type of developmentRequirement
Residential development over 10 housesRequirement A
Nursing homeRequirement A
Residential development up to 10 housesRequirement B
GardenRequirement B
SchoolRequirement B
Nursery or crecheRequirement B
Play areaRequirement B
AllotmentsRequirement B
Mixed use developments including sensitive end useRequirement B
HospitalsRequirement B

If a Phase I Desk Study already exists

If a Phase I Desk Study already exists, or if there is evidence of remediation, this will need to be submitted at the time of the application.

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