Additional Contacts for Business Start-ups

Do you require new business advice, food safety training or consultancy in preparation for starting your new food business?  Visit ehcUK, our trusted training and consultancy partner'swebsite.

Advice from theFood Standards Agency

Sale of Alcohol: Refer to ourLicensing web page if selling alcohol on the premises, or your business includes the provision oflate night refreshment (hot food or drink, consumed on or off the premises, between the hours of 23:00 and 05:00) as you will require a licence.

Mobile Catering:  Several key areas of advice are available on ourwebsite, including food business registration, street trading consent, food safety training programme and putting in place a food safety management system.  

'Change of Use' and Planning Permission: If the food business involves a different type of use of the premises compared to previously, then an application for 'change of use' under planning legislation may need to be made at an early stage. Check if planning permission is required 

You should do this before committing to any significant expense that cannot be recovered (i.e. changing the internal layout, fitting out the premises etc).  This may also apply if running a food business from your own home, subject to the scale of operation.  

Building Regulation Approval: Even if Planning Permission is not required, you may still need to apply toBuilding Control for this type of approval if undertaking building works.

Business Rates:  Any new business proposal may affect what amount of business rates may be payable - this could even include your own home if part of the property is to be used for running a business. Findfurther information about Business Rates

New Business Support & Business Finance Options: Refer to the Regeneration Team'sweb page.

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