What the Council will do with your report?

We aim to remove all fly tips by the end of the next working after it being reported, unless we need specialist equipment or treatment in which case we will make special arrangements for it be removed.  

Removal of fly tipping from private land is the responsibility of the landowner however we are able to take enforcement action regardless of where the waste was tipped.  

We will always try to trace the origin of the waste to identify who deposited it and when the waste was deposited. Fly tippers will be prosecuted if we can prove they have illegally dumped waste. These offenders can be required to pay full clean up costs to the council for removing the waste as well as receiving a fine of up to £50,000. Fly tipping is now an arrestable offence and vehicles used in such offence can be seized by the council and other authorities.

Breckland Council wants to stamp out fly-tipping and will not hesitate in prosecuting individuals who do not dispose of their waste in a responsible manner

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