Property Renames and Address Changes

If you are moving into a different property then please follow this link for more information Tell us you're moving

If you have an existing property address that you wish to change by;

  • changing or adding a property name.
  • removing your property name.
  • adding a property number.

You must complete the appropriate online application form below.

A payment is required after submitting the application form. See the List Of Charges

Please be aware that;

  • The fee is per address to be changed and is non-refundable.
  • Payment is accepted by Debit card, postal order, bank transfer or cheque.
  • We do not charge for changes to Charity Organisations.
  • You should choose your property name carefully (see Property Name Choice rules).
  • The new property name as submitted will be used if your application is approved.
  • We strongly recommend you give three completely different choices of property name.
  • If possible a map should be included that clearly marks the property to be changed.
  • Existing property numbers will not be removed from your address.
  • All property names & numbers must be displayed and be visible from the street.

Change of Residential Property Name - online application

Change of Commercial Property Name - online application

Further information and guidance notes can be found below;

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