Reaching a decision

Homelessness, prevention, relief and assessment; The Council will make a decision about duties owed to you.  We will provide a full explanation for the decision, below are some examples of scenarios:

Council's DecisionCouncil's Duty Towards You

You are not eligible for assistance     

Offer you advice and information

You are eligible, not homeless or at threat of homelessness within 56 days

Offer you advice and information

You are eligible and at threat of homelessness within 56 days

To work with you to produce a Personal Housing Plan (PHP) to prevent homelessness for up to 56 days

You are eligible, have become homeless but have no local connection to Breckland

Referral to another authority (whilst providing temporary accommodation if you are in priority need, until the referral is accepted)    

You are eligible, have become homeless, are in priority need and have a local connection to Breckland

To provide you with temporary accommodation and a PHP to relieve your homelessness for 56 days 

You are eligible, still homeless after 56 days of relief work, are in priority need and are not homeless intentionally

To secure that suitable accommodation is available for your occupation, this could be in either the private or social housing sectors


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