Tenancy Relations Officer advice

Advice for Private Tenants

You are often able to solve your problem quickly by speaking to your landlord first. Explain what you're unhappy about and ask them to rectify the problem. Some landlords have a complaint's procedure. Use it if they have one. Ask about it at your landlord's office or get information from their website. Complain to your landlord by letter if they do not have a complaint's procedure.

They may ask you for a convenient appointment so that they can take a look at the reported issue, you should keep clear notes, take photos or videos, keep a diary of events or simply try to cooperate if they wish to look at a problem such as damp or a broken window.

Allow them time to respond, if they don't or they respond and you are not satisfied with the course of action offered or taken, you can put in a complaint to the landlord or the managing letting agent.

If you don't know who your landlord is you should contact the person who you pay your rent to.

If you don't feel you can approach your landlord then allow the Tenancy Relations Officer to make enquiries for you. You are able to contact the officer by emailing privatesector.housing@breckland.gov.uk

Aconsent form will be required before this action can be taken.

If your landlord does not respond according to the law they can be prosecuted, however the Tenancy Relations Officer will endeavour to resolve the situation via mediation and correct issue of relevant notices.

The Tenancy Relations Officer will also intervene where there are reports of harassment or forceful eviction.

The relevant issue will be discussed and correct advice given in each situation, we understand that searching for answers online can be very confusing. This is where the Tenancy Relations Officer can help with ongoing support and complete clarification of what your options are.

Please note that in situations where you feel frightened or in danger the first call you should make is to the police. Details of how to contact them can be found on theirwebsite

The Tenancy Relations Officer will then work with the police to rectify the problem, please make a note of any reference numbers the police give you.

Advice for Landlords

If you are managing the property yourself or via a letting agent there are certain laws that must be adhered to. These laws can be found within

A Tenancy Relations Officer can offer assistance in relation to any of the laws relating to renting a property or tackling serious issues like repairs or difficult tenants. The Officer will require all relevant documentation relating to the Tenancy and any records which are relevant to the problem.

Landlords can receive substantial fines if they do not adhere to the law, however we do understand that in many cases the issue is not the Landlords fault. The Officer is completely impartial and will settle any dispute fairly and within a reasonable timeframe but they will require full cooperation from both parties and mediation is usually the preferred method to begin to resolve any tenancy related issue.

For a complete list of the most recent and relevant changes effecting landlord responsibilities please visit theGOV.UK website

Guidance notes are available on theShelter UK website which you may find useful.

Visit ourLandlords page and help us by filling in an online questionnaire to help us identify services and advice required by you as a Landlord.

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