How long will my application take and do I need to do anything?

All applications have to go through a 28 day consultation period once accepted by the licensing team. Once we have received your application and accepted it we will advise you of the start and end dates for the 28 day consultation period.

You must:

  • Display a completed blue notice at your premises, for the full 28 day consultation period, specifying the licensable activities and timings you applied for and specifying the closing date for representations
  • Place a public notice in a local newspaper specifying the activities/times listed in your application and the closing date for representations (you could send a copy of your Blue Notice). The notice must be published within 10 working days of submitting the premises licence application 
  • Tell us which newspaper the notice is appearing in and send us a copy

Responsible authorities and other interested parties (eg local residents, councillors) can submit a representation objecting to, or in support of, the application.

If we haven't received any representations, we can issue your licence once the consultation period has been completed.

If we receive representations, we will contact you and make you aware. Your application will then be referred to a Licensing Panel hearing where a decision will be made on whether to approve your application. A meeting will be held within 20 working days of the closing date for representations. You will be invited to attend this meeting along with anyone that has made a valid representation.


Last updated: 23/07/2020 10:16:26