Community & Wellbeing

Community Safety

The Breckland Operational Partnership Team (BOPT) work together to help address anti social behaviour.

Community Funding

Breckland Council has a number of funding streams available to both community groups and individuals, find out more here.


Breckland Council is committed to enabling stronger and more independent communities.

Recycling Stars

Watton residents can earn prizes for their school by recycling correctly.

Holiday Activities

A Rural Sports Program for children aged between 5-11, your child will get the chance to experience a variety of sports and games.

Assets of Community Value

Giving community groups the opportunity to nominate land or buildings in which they think are of community value.

Our Breckland Lottery

A community lottery scheme providing community groups and charities with a free and simple online platform to raise core funds.


A new shop initiative being led by Breckland Council is supporting businesses across the district. ShopAppy is one part of the Market Town Initiative that will help all 5 market towns to gain footfall and customers.

Talk of the Town

One District Five Towns; Find out what is happening in our Market Towns