Caravan and Camping Sites

Residential caravan sites:

The following information relates to residential caravan sites and sites where there may be a mixture of permanent residential and temporary holiday pitches.

If you wish to place a caravan(s) on land for residential purposes, then in most cases you'll need to first hold a site licence. If the site already has a licence and the land is transferred, the site licence will also be required to be transferred.

Planning permission for a residential site will be required before an application is made. Information on how to apply for Planning Permission can be found on ourPlanning pages.

To apply for a caravan or camping site licence or request a transfer of a licence please

Once an application along with the required information is received, the proposed licence holder will be contacted to arrange a site inspection. Please note, it may also be necessary for the Fire Service to attend.

The required information is:

  • A plan of the site to a scale of not less than 1/500 must accompany this application.  This must clearly show the boundaries of the site, the position of the caravan standings, roads, pathways, toilet/amenity blocks, other buildings, fire point's recreation areas and parking spaces.
  • A statement of the arrangements to be made for the following services must also be included:
    • Water supply
    • Waste/foul water disposal
    • Refuse disposal
  • The corresponding planning permission / planning reference

Before issuing a new licence, you will typically receive the proposed licence conditions and be allowed a 14-day time frame for you to comment before a final licence is issued.

Please note; when a licence is transferred, the conditions remain unchanged.

Failure to meet the standards as set out in the licence conditions could result in us serving a Compliance Notice which is the first step in taking formal action to improve standards to meet the requirements of licence conditions.

Holiday sites and campsites:

Under the Caravan and Control of Development Act 1960, you are not allowed to use land you own as a caravan site, unless you hold a site licence issued by the Council.

You are not allowed to use land you own as a campsite for tents or similar structures unless you hold a site licence issued by the Council under the Public Health Act 1936.

There are some exemptions where a licence is not required, they are:

  • Sites occupied by exempted organisations such as the Caravan Club
  • Sites occupied by the local authority (typically gypsy and traveller sites)
  • Sites for temporary and special purposes such as caravan rallies, agricultural and forestry workers, building and engineering sites and travelling salesmen.
  • Sites occupied by moveable dwellings (including tents) may be used up to a maximum of 42 consecutive days and not more than a total of 60 days in any 12 month period

There will be licence conditions attached which look at things such as spacing, water supply, drainage and fire precautions.

Please note, a licence cannot be issued without corresponding planning permission.

Small Holiday sites:

A small holiday site is one which has three or less caravans on site for a temporary period

Large Holiday sites:

A large holiday site is one which has more than three caravans on site for a temporary period.

Touring Caravan sites:

A touring caravan site is one on which you pay to park your touring caravan or motor home for a temporary period.


A campsite is on which is occupied by tented dwellings for a temporary period.

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