Licensing Representation form

Please be aware that this form may be viewed by the Applicant or by a representative of the Applicant. It may also be read out in public at a Licensing Hearing.

Any person may make a Representation about a relevant licence application.

Representations may be made on their behalf by a representative e.g. MP, solicitor or a friend.

Representations are only relevant to an application if they relate to at least one of the four Licensing Objectives listed below:

  • The Prevention of Crime & Disorder
  • Public Safety
  • Prevention of Public Nuisance
  • The Protection of Children from Harm

Representations may be made at any time during a period of 28 consecutive days starting on the day after the application was given to the Licensing Authority.

In case of a closure order issued by the Police, representations may be made during the seven days that follow relevant notice being given to the Local Authority by the Magistrates Court, starting on the day the notice was received.

Once you have made your representation should you wish to withdraw it you may do so by confirming this in writing, providing you do so no later than 24 hours before any hearing, or otherwise orally at the hearing

Please complete the representation form below:

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