Street Naming & Numbering

Breckland Council has the responsibility to create and confirm the official address for each property and street. Every address must be accurately located on a map. This official address is added to the National Address list and used by numerous companies and the Emergency Services.

If you do not get your property name changed by us or get your new property address from us then it will not be on the official National Address List. This would lead to difficulties in getting services from companies but more importantly the Emergency Services will have trouble finding you when you urgently need their help.

What are we responsible for?

  • creating new property addresses, including property names.
  • changing property names/numbers.
  • changing addresses where development plot layouts have changed.
  • confirming your official address.
  • looking into address problems.
  • creating new street names.
  • renaming existing streets.
  • maintaining street name plates.

We are not responsible for:

  • other roadside signs.
  • the postcode and postal town part of your address, this is Royal Mails responsibility.
  • your address being incorrect or missing from other address lists (ie: at shops, on the internet, delivery companies and satellite navigation).
  • letters/deliveries sent to the wrong property due to the address that is used not being the same as the official address.

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